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Monday, May 23, 2016

Weiner: I want to go see this

Most documentaries are preachy and (resultantly) boring.  But Weiner looks like it might be entertaining.  

Instapundit: What's wrong with Weiner? (and how about Bill)

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I also finally got to see Weiner on Netflix.  It is an interesting and fascinating documentary and I recommend you put it on your queue. Beyond Anthony Weiner being a completely out of control Democrat serial liar who betrays everyone around him, it is revealing to see Huma Abedin under scrutiny. 

While I thought I would be sympathetic to the public embarrassment and humiliation caused by her husband, Huma's emotional reactions (from my observation) were strange. She is a very calculating individual who seemed less emotional upset that her husband engaged in reckless sexting, but more contemptuous he could be so politically stupid.

She has a child with this creep. Yet she is now spending all her time on the road supporting and promoting Hillary Clinton (leaving young Jordan in the care of a father who has a track record of being easily distracted). Huma shifted from one narcissist to another.  

There is a political lesson in Weiner too. They focus in the documentary on that exchange Weiner had with an Orthodox Jewish man in a bakery.  It was widely reported at the time (even I did a post on it). Obviously Anthony Weiner was already melting down at this point of the campaign, but this exchange makes Anthony Weiner look like a complete jackass. If you are in a close race be-careful getting in arguments critics with the media present. 

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