Friday, August 26, 2016

The Burkini is Back: French Court Overturns The Ban

Well that did not last long, after a week or two of Burkini bans in several dozen French towns, the French Court suspends laws banning the burkina (the ruling is limited to Nice, but chances are it will hold elsewhere in France). The Burkini is back!

If they are going to go Burkini, at least look good doing it...

The Burkini is not the problem. Banning it was probably counter productive anyway, but there is certainly a problem in France.  

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  1. Can we at least ban calling them burkini's, since they are simply a one-piece (maybe two) bathing suit with a hood? They are not as shocking as a nuclear weapon. They are not risqué. They are simply a burka designed to get wet.

    By the way, a couple of years ago, we went on a cruise, and boarding ahead of us was a muslim family. It was sad. It was a hot day, just over 90F. Everybody else was wearing shorts and light shirt. The men in the family were dressed like most people. The youngest daughter, probably under 10 years old, was comfortably dressed. The mom and the daughter were dressed with open face burkas, which were obviously over whatever other clothing worn underneath. And they were suffering, because it was hot, and that many layers is not conducive for allowing the human body to cool off. Oh, and guess who was pulling the luggage? If you thought the men, particularly one of the two teenage boys; you were wrong. It was the burka clad women.

    And all that is fine. What's not fine is how Christians are constantly scolded for even holding an idea that's not liberal enough, but now everybody is scolded if we mention the sexism inherent in Islam.


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