Friday, August 26, 2016

Make Your Own Campari Cocktail From Scratch?

I have a feeling this homemade Campari would make a hell of a Negroni

Bartender Hiroyasu Kayama is quite full of himself, but if that cocktail is even 10% as good as it looks, I'll give him that. I have a feeling it is better than it looks.

EBL: Cocktail of the Week: The Negroni (this is an excellent summer evening cocktail, although it is also an excellent fall, winter and spring cocktail too).

History of the Negroni

Japanese Cocktails: The Way of the Cocktail

Hiroyasu Kayama is full of tricks: The green fairy leads to Tokyo's absinthe bar

Instapundit/Stephen Green: While I am sure he would approve of the cocktails above, he is against Millennial whiskey

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