Saturday, August 6, 2016

Robot Hillary "Short Circuits"

Ok, female robots in science fiction were always portrayed as potentially dangerous, 
but I did not see them looking like Hillary Clinton...
InstapunditShort Circuit Clinton!

EBL: Lying Crooked Hillary and the Media Attempt To Take Trump Out

Hillary Clinton was not the future that was promised:

EBL: Katherine Ross from the Stepford Wives

Best part of A.I.? 

Bladerunner's genetically engineered replicant Pris

Rachel the replicant less crazy than Sean Young the person

EBL: Westworld (coming soon)

The Chinese at least (sorta) get it (the robot is the girl on the left)

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  1. Ex Machina, very good movie, but that robot not nearly as sociopathic as Hillary Clinton.


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