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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Brazil is detaining Team USA athletes and refusing to let them leave the country? Update, remaining swimmers apologize and pay fine (no word if John Kerry sent a plane full of money)

John Kerry can solve that Rio problem with a $400 million ransom gift payment!

Of course the United States never pays ransom...we just use a different word to describe it. 

Instapundit: That $400 million payment to Iran wasn't ransom, it was laundry! No wait, it just looked like ransom.

Daily Wire: Iran airs footage of $400 million ransom payment for hostages

Hot Air: Brazil needs to let our swimmers return home immediately...sure send a plane full of cash! and what really happened (oh oh, maybe Ryan fibbed a bit...)

Lem's Place: US cash to Iran was dependent on hostages being freed and how about Brazil and our athletes? 

DRUDGE REPORT: Obama Admin Admits It Was Ransom (Obama Lied) and Swimmers apologize and pay fine

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