Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yvette Mimieux Rule 5

Rule 5 and FMJRA

When doing Rule 5 on Hollywood starlets of the Sixties, I should check to see what Proof has already done.  My bad.  Here is Proof's post from 2014 for Yvette Mimieux


  1. Yvette was our Vintage Babe of the Week 10/23/2014
    (With a few shots different from those above)

  2. You saw the movie last night (in her mid-40s, Olivia was still a looker).

    Along with George Hamilton and Richard Chamberlain for the girls, Yvette was Metro's big nice girl heartthrob in the early 60s. I recall vividly how she played an epileptic surfer (there's a parlay) on "Dr Kildare". Guys were wondering what would happen if she had a fit during the big love scene with Chamberlain.wondering how


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