Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why I want Crooked Hillary to lose: Notorious RBG

Hot Air: Notorious RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, your bias is showing...

They are not even trying to hide their bias anymore, that is how cocky they have become. If you think the damage Obama has caused to the country is bad, imagine the Supreme Court shifting three or four justices to the left. Because that is what will happen if Crooked Hillary wins.  

Separated at Birth: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and ?  This is better:

The Grand Councilwoman from Lilo and Stitch looks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 
But unlike the cartoon character, Ginsburg is definitely hostile...

American Power Blog: Notorious RBG is not pretty

Hot Air: What neutrality?

DaTechGuy: Thanks for dropping the mask

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  1. Was it Kissinger during the Iran/Iraq war who quipped "It's too bad they both can't lose!" Trump v. Hillary


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