Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What ever happened to turtle soup?

Turtles, like lobster, crab and oysters, were considered poor man's food until the elites caught on.

Mock Turtle from Alice in Wonderland

Here is a New Orleans mock turtle soup recipe for the slow cooker. Andy Warhol admitted he loved Campbell's mock turtle soup as a kid.  Traditionally made with a slow cooked calf's head...I am leaning back toward finding a real turtle.  

Don't be fooled, turtles are fierce predators

You do not want to get bit by a snapping turtle like that...

Difference between alligator and regular snapping turtles

Not all terrapins are cute...
Hogewash: Good news

A mouse or rat that falls into the water is in trouble in the wild, but putting one live in a tank like this is just cruel. It has no chance in this circumstance.  Bad move.

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  1. You can still get it on the Grand Cayman, though it's farmed turtles.


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