Thursday, July 7, 2016

Multiple cops shot at #BlackLivesMatter protest in Dallas

Instapundit: Denial Dies in DallasCell Phone VideoCivil War 1968: without even the benefit of Apollo 8, Both suspects in custody?, Now 4th Officer Dead, 3 Officers DeadCops shot at #BlackLivesMatter protest, we are not living in a healthy society, independent investigation called out for Philander Castile, and why are Democrat run cities such cess pools of racism and corruption?

AoSHQ: War Zone in Dallas, 3 to 6 officers down and Maetenloch's ONT

EBL: Minnesota black man Philandro Castile killed by cops for getting is license and registration...

Wombat: Weasel Zippers: 2 shooters, 1 neutralized and 1 in stand off

Washington Free Beacon: 4 officers dead

Lem's Place: Multiple Officers Hit

Legal Insurrection: 11 hit, 4 dead and How not to fix inner city gun violence

DRUDGE REPORT: 5 COPS DEAD, NATION IN SHOCK and Black Power Group claims responsibility, promises more attacks

TOM: The War on Cops, 5 cops dead in military style sniper attack and Did #BlackLivesMatter inspire attack?

Wombat: Belmont Club: Denial Dies in Dallas

The Lid: Words of Wisdom

Kevin Williamson: Pick one


  1. This event is connectivity rich. It's still playing out.

  2. 2nd attack on Dallas PD in 13 months. In the interim, things have not been going well for the department. The Black Police Officers Association of Greater Dallas asked the Black Police Chief to step down just 3 months ago after the Chief announced plans to put out more patrols to curtail the 80% increase in homicides in the city this year.

    Last night was just the latest...


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