Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech Was Powerful...

Gateway Pundit: Powerful like Ambien, she not only took out a frail Bill Clinton but Tim Kaine too...

I know Bill Clinton has a heart condition, and it did start a bit late, but you would think they could give him and Tim Kaine a doppio espresso before the speech started.

Leon Wolf asks which candidate's speech will sound better a month from now. Neither. With the exception of a few amazing speeches (Reagan, Churchill, etc.), I rarely spend my free time listening to speeches. Other than looking to lift sound bites for attack media, I doubt few people will. And as Leon noted, it was poorly executed. The answer is no one will care about these speeches a month from now, we will be into the debate cycle then and that is what will matter.
Twitchy: Iowa Hawk captures the excitement

Trump is trying to win with an emotional message. Hillary's message is more everything is great and I am logically the best choice.

We all knew this was coming, Hillary focusing on Donald Trump's Twitter temperament and being responsible for nuclear codes. That is going to be a major branding theme in the Democrats argument of why Trump should not be president. The problems for Hillary is Trump is a pretty good tweeter. Trump did a flurry of tweets following Hillary's speech, but unfortunately for Hillary, they were like a flurry of punches that found their mark.

When it comes to playing social media, Hillary is no where near as good at this. Her speech last night would have been better if it were half the time.  

Hot Air: Bill Clinton really does feel our pain
Blazing Cat Fur: Maybe the whirl of white sound machines droning out Bernie Protesters caused Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine to lose consciousness?  Beyond the speech being white noise itself.

Lem's Levity: Hillary throat clearing and stop pretending you like de Tocqueville

EBL: The Full Rodham: Hillary gets ready for her big speechTrump uses Obama and Clinton's own statements against them, trolling them all day and Ivanka and Chelsea are friends, but they aren't treated the same by the media

Instapundit: Is the election over? , Sanders Supporters chasing Hillary Cospirator David Brock through the Wells Fargo Center? (I wish there was video for this), Andrew McCarthy: Hillary commits felonies and blames Trump for treason? 

Legal Insurrection: #DemExit Clinton protests that the DNC tried to hide

DaTechGuy: Break new ground, put your husband to sleep...

AoSHQ: Bill sabotages Hillary once again...zzzzz

Rush Limbaugh: Pretend Patriots at DNC

Buzz Feed and Jawa Report: Bill Clinton playing with balloons (he likes those balloons)

John Podhoretz: Clinton blew her big chance

Wombat: Austin Bay: Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack

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