Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The biggest mass shooting in United States history happened December 29, 1890

If you don't remember history you are doomed to repeat it. On December 29, 1890, the Sioux on orders from the federal government turned in their weapons...things did not turn out so well for them after that. 

We are all Indians now.

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  1. Unless the Indians were gay or shot with AR-15s, it didn't happen!

  2. That was a military action.

    And the Sioux wanted a fight. Which they got.

    PS Probably more casualties at Little Big Horn.

    PPS It's only a massacre if they don't let anybody surrender.

    1. Jeez, like Troop says you are Mr. Literal. With all due respect, I am making a point that you should be adopting.

      The Sioux were whipped and starving and it was mostly old men, women and children at Wounded Knee (the young men has mostly been killed already in battles with the Army). They were told to disarm and the Sioux disarmed. They had surrendered. A shot went off and they were massacred. While arguably a tragic mistake and over reaction by the troops (rather than intentional slaughter) it was hardly the high point of military conduct in the US. It was recognized at the time as a major FU. The point of this post is as a nation shouldn't voluntarily give up your guns to the government (if you are an individual, you probably don't have much choice unless you are okay being shot).

      The Little Bighorn was about 15 years earlier (and did not involve women and children).

    2. Wrong on all counts.

      There were plenty of young men (if you think Indian fights had tons of casualties, you need to read some history), the Sioux had not surrendered (the day before the braves were waving their rifles daring the Army to come and take them), on the day of the fight the squaws hid the Winchesters under their blankets and started passing them out when a search of the lodges revealed noting, and the fight started when a trooper attempted to disarm a brave and the medicine man told the Indians the white man's bullets couldn't harm them and they opened fire.

      There were 4 investigations and all of them absolved the Army's conduct. It wasn't recognized at the time as a major FU, except by the growing SJW crowd in the East whose version is the one that's remembered.

      I correct you because the more of these Lefty lies that are allowed to stand, the more people the Left is able to snow.

      PS There were plenty of non-combatants at Little Big Horn (who do you think was in that big village?). Who do you think stripped and mutilated the dead troopers?

    3. And spare me the lefty lies stuff. I get the left love to wallow in how evil the USA is, but there are horrific mistakes that happen and this is one of them.

      The point of this is we better hold on to our guns or else we might find ourselves ending up like those Sioux did back in 1890.


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