Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Which Game of Thrones Character is Donald Trump most like?

This question was partially addressed in Winter is Trumping:

Making Westeros Great Again!

There is no easy answer to this, you can see elements of Donald Trump's personality in a variety of Game of Thrones characters.

Separated at Birth: Walder Frey of Twin Towers vs. Donald Trump of Trump Towers

Trump does have a Tywin Lannister thing going...

Trump also a bit like Alliser Thorne

But there is an obvious choice:

Separated at Birth: Short Fingered Vulgarian vs Littlefinger? Oh yeah...

The same is true for Hillary. She certainly has some Cersie issues going (and the actor who plays Cersie is throwing her support to Hillary, or at least her opposition to the Donald) and and Red Witch comes immediately to mind too:

I am a big fan of Diana Riggs' character on GoT but she is not Hillary (the character Olenna Tyrell is also way smarter than Hillary)

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