Wednesday, May 4, 2016

John Kasich to finally drop out?

Instapundit: What's one more defeat?  (Kasich yesterday saying he is all in)

So why would Kasich drop out after that statement yesterday?  Obviously because Cruz dropped out. Apparently Kasich thinks he still has a shot on being Trump's Veep or something.  Myra Adams now thinks that is increasingly unlikely (she thinks Gingrich is on the short list). I am not sure what else explains this whole Kasich campaign other than his insufferable vanity.

Sorry John, while you might help a bit in Ohio, we have Newt and Christie fighting over Donald Trump's affection like two Bangkok bar girls fighting over a drunk sailor with a wad of cash. I am not sure you want to get in that scrum. Then again, knowing your style, you might actually enjoy that.  

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  1. I think that Gingrich has the possibility of being a Trump VP or Sec State, possibly. I don't think that Kasich will end up doing more (or less) than returning back to Ohio where by all accounts, he's a very good governor. Rubio may end up as a Trump VP. Cruz could end up on Trump's short list for the Supreme Court. No matter how it shakes out, things changed yesterday. I think that the next big boot to drop is Hillary's situation with DOJ. However it shakes out, it's huge news. The fact that she couldn't beat a 74 year old communist in Indiana at this stage of her campaign underscores her fundamental weakness even without the sword of Damocles hanging heavy over her neck.

  2. I tend to agree with AoS analysis on Kasich. First, I always thought NeverCruz was more important to GOPe. There has been nothing that has swayed me. That Cruz got lukewarm to indifferent support from some Republicans near the end seemed more of a play to gain Cruz supporters for themselves in November than to move Cruz into the lead. Kasich's play after the supposed team-up and now I'm staying in [until you leave] is just too much. And let's be honest, when he was mathematically eliminated and decided to stay in to prevent Trump, everyone knew only Cruz could beat Trump and it would be easy to throw support behind Cruz to do it. Nope. Kasich stayed in to keep Cruz from beating Trump. If he could prevent Trump from getting a 1st ballot win, that would have been gravy too for the GOPe.

    So what's next for the GOPe? To support Trump with all the enthusiasm given Palin, and then to blame the loss on the candidate. The only thing that can stop President Hillary is the FBI, and some thought Roberts would stop Obamacare...


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