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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Will Trump Be The GOP Nominee?

Faster Please: Of course, Trump could parlay this into a selling point in the general election...

It aint over till it's over: #NeverTrump: If Podhoretz can resist...

Trump will probably have a big night tonight, but Rush Limbaugh is right to caution Trump supporters (and opponents) to keep this in perspective. Ted is still plugging away, getting delegate support.  Trying to get something going in Indiana and California.  Trump will still have difficulty getting to 1237 going into the convention (although the only reason Trump even has a shot is the system is rigged in a way that favors him), but he will be the clear front runner.

Is it Trump's convention to lose? Cruz needs to win Indiana and do well in California. It may be too little, too lateThe Cruz Kasich alliance may not have the numbers to stop Trump...but there is more going on that just winning the remaining primaries.

Rush Limbaugh: How Trump stole Cruz's renegade mojo, Trump is trying to adopt Cruz's delegate strategy (of course he is, that is how you win), and Cruz Kasich is about changing the narrative

I am pretty sure Ted Cruz is not floating this idea now, but he would be a heck of a pick.  Of course, that assumes the GOP Senate could resist him getting Borked.

Meanwhile the Democrats spin fantasies:

Instapundit: Democrat Fantasy Island (Obama style)
of course above is Clinton Fantasy Island

Remember what Hillary said, victims must be believed:
Conservative Treehouse: Clinton and Podesta warned Bernie about this!

RedState: Is Hillary Clinton the best the Democrats have to offer?

TOM: Sexual Harassment and the Enchanted Crocodiles of Feminism (as AoSHQ classic)

Kelly and The Donald: Is "Sad" the safeword? How-about "hubris"?

AoSHQ: Desperate to post something: Here's a blog post about the upcoming Megyn Trump interview  and late deciders in the I-95 primaries splitting between Trump and Kasich

JWF: Megyn Kelly will lay waste to Donald Trump

Regular Right Guy: Don't Do It Donald!

Camp of the Saints: On Ted Cruz and the Restoration of the Republic

Wombat: DaTechGuy: Donald Trump as Hal Chase


  1. Trump will be the nominee because both the establishment and Trump supporters will never go with Cruz. A few months ago, I thought a Vin diagram of Cruz and Trump supporters would overlap to nearly be an eclipse of one another. Not anymore.

    Trump will have the majority on the first vote. Kasich's latest double cross is all you need to know about how the GOPe will treat Cruz at the convention. They'll be Lucy holding the ball waiting for kickoff. When that happens, then Cruz supporters will be stuck between prolonging the inevitable of Trump or throwing their support behind whoever GOPe imagines could gain more general election votes than Cruz or Trump managed in the primary.

    It will be Trump. The consolation prize is that if Trump wins it all; then perhaps DC will reconsider giving so much autonomous power to the Presidency. I fully believe Trump's only chance in the general is to face Hillary, who might drive blue collar Dems to Trump. Sanders is the only candidate that can truly unite his party.

    1. I concur with all your points. Spot on.

      The GOPe is all about cowardice too. So they will go with the easier fight. #NeverTrumpers will come back to the fold if Trump loses the general (at least they believe that). So let Trump have his shot, if he manages to win McConnell and Co know they can do business with him (at least they believe that).


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