Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So what is Ted Cruz's Major Announcement?

Politico: Ted Cruz as a major announcement at 4 p.m. in Indiana

Update: RedState/Brandon Morse: Rumors confirmed!

Ted needs to change the narrative after last night.  Trump had a big night and Indiana has become a do or die for the Cruz Campaign. Given the stories about Cruz vetting Carly for vice president, this speculation does make sense.

Carly Fiorina was always running for vice president (just like John Kasich is). She would be a good pick for Ted Cruz.  I am doubtful this changes the dynamic at this point, Cruz is just not wooing enough voters right now to stop the Trump Train (which is frustrating since Cruz is true constitutional conservative). Maybe Mike Pence will jump in and help Ted out?  Now that would be a major announcement in Indiana.

Even if it is looking bad right now Ted, keep fighting!

I know Kasich has said no way to a vice president slot. Trump has made fun of his eating habits. Still, never say never. Kasichmentum or not, it was five more delegates than Ted Cruz got last night. Let's see what goes down in Cleveland this summer.

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Update: Forbes: This could backfire.  It won't "backfire" because it is a last ditch effort.  It's very well might not work, but Carly is not a bad choice--really what would be a better choice?  A combined Cruz Kasich ticket?  That is not going to work right now, Kasich wants to be with whoever is winning. He is a little whore that way.

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  1. There was a story on Gateway Pundit the last couple of days about a lot of Kasich supporters switching to Trump in reaction to the "alliance" with Cruz. Drudge had a piece by Freddie Barnes that Kasich might lose at least a third of his supporters in such a switch (let me know if you want URLs).

    If so, it would put Trump's IN lead in double digits and thus make the state out of Cruz' reach. As for Pence, the NeverVoters have started a threatening campaign on Twitter against him, so an endorsement is unlikely.


    1. I suspect it is too little, too late for Cruz. He should still keep fighting (at least through Indiana). It is Trump's nomination to lose and I doubt the GOPe really want to take it from him (they figure this election is a lost cause and just want unity to avoid a down ticket massacre)

  2. So the two top people on my list are now running together. But as Evi notes, probably too little and too late. On the too late, it is being done early. VP selections usually don't occur this early, and it is a smart tactic. The problem is, Trump has done a great job convincing his supporters that anything Cruz does is a "tactic". It's like how Democrats convinced their people that a simple mark on a map was a snipers recticle signaling the place to attack. If you point out the absurdity of the smear job, then Trump supporters will claim the genius of Trump to spin the media.

    1. I am pretty sure Trump will get the nomination. It is certainly his to lose at this point. He will have significant resistance, but I do not see any candidate people will agree on (there is no Abe Lincoln to rise from the party and get support). I like Ted Cruz, but I have not seen that skill set shown so far. Trump is good at whipping up support, how much that will play in the general remains to be seen.


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