Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Who will prevail in the Battle for Wisconsin? Update: Ted and Bernie prevail (Ted wins Big)

There is also a battle between Hillary and Bernie!  It has been a while since Wisconsin was in play for both parties at the same time.  Usually the respective races are almost over by now.  

Hillary is worried that if she loses Wisconsin, things would start spiraling out of control in the remaining states.  If she loses New York things get very bad for her. There is also that email thing still lingering out there (but she seems sort of confident so maybe the fix is in).  

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  1. On the subject of Trump, he never really went away.

    The issue is Cruz' momentum seems to have been based on that faulty Marquette poll and it may have let him take his eyes off the ball. Trump had a very good day a week ago when the Lewandowski thing went his way. Since then the polls have been running mostly his way, including the ones yesterday from Black Rock and Emerson which had Cruz "expanding" his lead from 10 to 5 or 6.

    As for Hillary, it's Bernie's state (union guys and lots of students) and the odds of her taking NY seem to be shrinking. The email thing may have less to do with the fix being in that what the FBI has decided to do, sotto voce of course, if, in fact, the Choom Gang tries to pull some kind of pardon - which I don't think will happen. They owe the Ozark Mafia and, as Rubio is showing Cruz, that old Cuban proverb is universal.


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