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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

While in the West the left and Feminists are hysterical over transgendered toilets and other perceived slights, rape culture comes full force to Europe

'New Born Feminist' Mark Steyn responds to his critics over being 'obsessed with sex'

While the left tries to push the narrative on transgendered toilets here in the States (what could go wrong), Europe is colliding head on with a culture that is just a tad less receptive to Western feminism and sensibilities. Muslims are creating nations within nations and their values are not aligning.  

Thank God for Mark Steyn's clarity on the issue.  Unfortunately, while it may be too late for Europe, it is not too late here (although President Obama said he would continue to bring in Syrian migrants even after the recent attacks in Brussels). There has to be intelligent push back on these issues. Trump locked onto the issue, but addressed it crudely and managed to lose more voters than he gained. That's not winning.  

As the old truism states: If you let the camel get his nose under the tent, things can go bad quickly. Bathrooms matter. Here is an interesting (actually profound) observation by Bret Stephens: Leftist politics are the gateway drug to radical Islam. Think how statements from Osama bin Laden were peppered with leftist rhetoric (either made to show the decadence of the West or that we were hypocrites). Bin Laden was a conspiracy theorist.  

I completely get there are lots people out there would would prefer private bathrooms (trangendered or not). Regardless of how you feel about transgendered issues, most transgendered individuals are not in bathrooms to peep at other persons (although some do). Many places already have single serve bathrooms for families, handicapped and nothing stops transgendered from using them too. So can the rather tiny minority of transitioning transgenders be accommodated (in part) without legislating in some twisted civil rights logic that men be allowed in women's restrooms and locker roomsThere needs to be sane and clear challenges to this nonsense.  

Heather MacDonald: When Pieties Collide: Feminism and Islam in Europe

I suppose there is another way out of this. If you can't beat them, join them. Islam means submission in Arabic:  
Feminism meets IslamRobert Spencer and David Wood respond

Wombat: 90 Miles From Tyranny: What happens when a feminist's son is accused of rape? 
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