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Friday, March 25, 2016

This is what happens when our President has been raised by Marxist and Communist sympathizers...

President Barack Obama Speaking To The World (what could go wrong)

Where has Communism succeeded?  It has never succeeded. Every Communist state has been a failure. China is "communist" in name only and has morphed into a crony capitalist nationalist oligarchy. Not exactly a good thing, but not really communist.   

This is what happens when you are raised by Marxist and Communists sympathizers (and in Frank Marshall Davis's case a card carrying member). You get a very warped and incorrect view of history.  

As far as socialized medicine, perhaps a bit of Milton Friedman is in order as a palate cleanser.  

Here is some Milton Friedman on public education and vouchers:

Education needs to happen all the time. Starting with President Obama.

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