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Friday, March 25, 2016

Following #BrusselsAttacks: What was the "advance stage" attack target that was just foiled by French police?

ABC News: French police foil "advance stage" attack outside Paris following #BrusselsAttack?
The autoplay video/audio of the ABC News story above has some good information about these terrorists, but when I watched it, the intro advertising was a fake news story about criminals stealing a Prius and manhunt. It is obviously fake, but certainly inappropriate given the primary story about a very real and serious manhunt in progress.   Seriously Toyota and ABC, what the heck was that? 
Getting beyond that, these Brussels attackers were reported by Turkish officials to be "foreign fighters." Police activities may have prompted these bombers to accelerate their attacks.  No clear how big this terror cell was, who is on the run, and what was the real scope of their plans (other than the reports the Belgian group was scoping a Belgian nuclear facility as a possible target). 


Brussels attackers were scoping a nuclear power plant and plotting to build a radioactive dirty bomb
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