Thursday, March 17, 2016

The worst Republican candidate running...

So where is Soros's other hand? 

Rather than trying to get Ted Cruz to apologize to McConnell, perhaps the GOP could start recognizing the real threat. Here's something to ponder: Why is George Soros funding John Kasich and Hillary Clinton with hundreds of thousands of dollars?  

Soros helping Kasich is intended to prevent Cruz from blocking Trump. So what is Soros after? The media and left all say Ted Cruz is even more unelectable than Hillary Clinton. Really? So why the effort to prop up Trump?  

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Rule 5 and FMJRA

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  1. With the Rubio defeat, the elites need somebody to back on the GOP side of things. It's doubtful that either Trump or Cruz will play ball. (Cruz is attached to Goldman Sachs through his wife - so maybe he will?) And the Clinton indictment would all but insure a GOP win. They have lawyers, they know what's happening. Kasich is a buttress that they can use to broker and manipulate another candidate into place who did not run, who the people did not select.

    1. An indictment would lead to Biden-Warren jumping in, which if timed right would not be a guaranteed win but would be tougher than Hillary or Bernie. If Obama thinks he can avoid the issue, he will avoid it. If the FBI makes it politically unavoidable, I think the Dems are waiting till Hillary has enough delegates that Bernie can't compete on initial ballots and then Biden can be ushered in a brokered convention.


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