Monday, March 14, 2016

Separated at Birth: King David and...?

Donald Trump and King David? If Donald Trump said he was sorry about what he did (and meant it) I might be more persuaded. Trump is not sorry about it at all. I would take Trump's position over the hypocrisy of Bill or Hillary Clinton any day, but that is hardly a high standard.

I remember people saying Newt Gingrich could never win the Republican nomination based on his philandering. Many were saying the same thing about Donald Trump not too long ago. That has obviously changed, and instead (and now the left are getting into it) they are saying he won't win the general. It is not going to be easy with a Republican Party in disarray, but Trump can win (although be careful what you wish for). As Cole Porter predicted: Anything Goes.

Fun Facts: Michelangelo's David has over proportioned hands

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