Monday, March 14, 2016

National π Day: Pecan pie with maple syrup and bourbon with a vodka crust

I like a butter crust (as opposed to lard or shortening) as in the recipe above with a modification, I would go with a vodka crust (substitute cold vodka for the water) for that extra flaky crispness. Here is an alternative tested vodka crust recipe

The science is settled: Vodka is approximately half water and half alcohol. The alcohol burns off faster and it leads to a better crust through chemistry.  If you want to experiment you could try bourbon which would import all the bourbon barrel flavors to the crust. I have not ever done that, but it could be good--or not so good. You might want to try a test sample first. 

Instapundit: Stephen Green: A mixed bag of nuts (and vodka)

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