Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mitt Romney calls Donald Trump a phony?

Does Mitt Romney not get the irony of calling someone else a phony?  

I did not think the National Review anti Trump edition was a good idea. Neither is this. Promote an alternative to Trump. Steal Trump's issues and run with them (well that would have been a plan about nine months ago).  Come out and endorse Rubio or Cruz. But tearing Trump down only seems to prompt him up more.  And why now?  Isn't this typical Mitt, too little too late?  

The GOP Establishment is completely and utterly out of touch. This is their plan for stopping Trump?  They look weak and feckless in response. This is why Trump is succeeding. 

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Rush Limbaugh: Mitt tries to talk America out of Trump, McCain joins Mitt (comedy routine), the Nation responds to Romney


  1. A Romney attack on the GOP front-runner makes the mainstream parasites look desperate. If the Pope only boosted Trump's ratings, what will the Romney denouncement do?

  2. I believe the word is flailing


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