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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mark Steyn warns: Hitler? Be more worried that Trump will turn out like that other Austrian....

Some of the anti Trump stuff just a wee bit over the top:
Okay, Podhoretz loathes Trump, but I think he is referring to the imagery above. I agree, not the best imagery to be sure, but whether or not Trump wins that photo alone is not going to derail Trump. Why? Donald Trump is not Hitler. And Trump for all his short fingered vulgarian crudeness is media savy enough so attacks like that are not gong to work on him. He turns those attacks to his advantage through media saturation.  

Robert Byrd was actually a Klan leader, and Democrats were just fine with him.

Trump is also not in the Ku Klux Klan (unlike the late Democrat Senator Robert Byrd above).  Hillary was just fine with Robert Byrd and Democrats considered him a respected voice in the Senate.  Hillary is also just fine with symbols from the Confederate South when they suit her.

I do not believe Trump to be a racist. I don't think he hates Mexicans or Muslims.

For all the hysteria about #NeverTrump, there is something to truly fear. Do we really want a thin skinned narcissist as commander in chief and standard bearer of the GOP? And more importantly for conservatives (who want a conservative standard bearer in the White House), Donald Trump is NOT conservative.

While I think Trump will likely be better than Hillary Clinton, he would probably end up governing like Arnold Schwarzenegger (at best) and probably more like Silvio Berlusconi. We can do better.

Trump has managed to woo many with his hedgehog siren call of curtailing illegal immigration and making America great again. But how you do this matters.

So maybe conservatives should support a more conservative alternative in these very delegate rich contests coming up. Right now your choices are Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio (unless you Kasich has a chance). Since Marco Rubio (and Kasich) almost certainly cannot beat Donald Trump right now, the smart choice is Ted Cruz.

Mark Steyn: Our GOP circular firing squad

Wombat: Megan McArdle: Trump too poor for a third party run (jeez, forget about comparing him to Hitler, saying this will fire Trump up worse than anything Jonah Goldberg or even Graydon Carter ever said about him)

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  1. Trump had better sense than to marry a Kennedy.

    As for Conservative, a lot of people seem to want that to be something of a club where you have to pass an initiation and can be black-balled for heresy - which sounds no better than the Lefties. That kind of ideological purity gave us the '64 election.

    I don't think that was Bill Buckley's Conservatism and it wasn't Ronald Reagan's. If anything, it sounds like Libertarianism, which may be why Glenn Beck is such an ardent Cruzzer.

    I think Trump is more Conservative than many want to believe, but, being in business in the empire State, he had to live within a hard Leftist establishment, so he did what he needed to do to stay afloat.

    Right now your choices are Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio (unless you think Kasich has a chance).

    Right now, it does look like Kasich might have a better chance than Rubio, since Kasich has a shot at winning a major state (we'll see, I don't think he's as popular in OH as some believe).

    Do we really want a thin skinned narcissist as commander in chief and standard bearer of the GOP?

    Sounds like you're talking about the One True Ted, whose halo has slipped once again.

  2. I don't think that Trump would be better than Cruz. I think that they are, when taken as a whole, roughly equal. Both have big negatives. Hillary or whatever shill replaces her is naturally worse.


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