Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump Vatican exchange: Pope Francis,Tear Down That Wall!

I know I shouldn't laugh, but this John Nolte tweet cracks me up every time I look at it.

Breitbart/Ben Shapiro: Mr. Pope, Tear Down This Wall

Instapundit: How lucky is Trump getting picked on by the Pope, It's On Between Trump and the Pope

Twitchy: Trump responds to the Pope  This is one of those situations that show it is better for a politican (and in this case the Pope) not to rise to the bait, but of course he did.

Lem's Levity: Not a good Christian, eh? and Trading Barbs
Mark Steyn: Everyone believes in Free Speech, but...
DaTechGuy: Pope Francis, The Donald
Legal Insurrection: Pope's plane targeted by laser, but no indication Trump is involved

Donald Trump absolves Pope Francis of his sins

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