Friday, February 19, 2016

Risen: A Review

Joseph Fiennes gives a solid performance in Risen as Clavius, a Roman tribune under Pontius Pilot, tasked with making sure an executed Nazarene named Yeshua's body is not stolen by his followers so they can claim he has been resurrected. The director takes a low key approach.

Filmed in Spain and Malta, the locations did look like Jerusalem and Galilee.

I mostly liked it, even if it was predictable. While couched as a detective take on the resurrection of Christ, there is really little doubt or suspense on what Clavius is going to find out. The director and actor's portrayal of Jesus' followers, was interesting and sometimes moving, but a bit truncated and sometimes clunky. The character development, especially between Clavius and Simon Peter was only partially done (and I was left wanting more of that). A few special effect tropes also took away from the film and would have been better left out. It is a movie that will appeal mostly to believers--but it is still a decent effort. I recommend it.

There is some Roman style violence that may be too intense for younger viewers.

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