Friday, February 26, 2016

The GOP's Kobayashi Maru Scenario

Ed Driscoll asks: Is The GOP primary season really a Kobayashi Maru Simulation? 

"[A]n oversexed chubby man in garish attire with a gigantic ego and a not-entirely-lifelike coiffure who went on to conquer the galaxy..."

Update:  I completely missed this, Jim Geraghty has already made this analogy!

Amanda Carpenter: The GOP created this monster... and WaPo goes there too

EBL: Winter is Trumping and The Road to Idiocracy

Peggy Noonan is going through her Kübler-Ross stages of Trump: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Mark Steyn: Nitwits of the Round Table (Peggy fits right in with this bunch) and Getting It (good point about what this is all about, if Trump gets this right then he is the man for the time) and Super du Jour

Jonah floats the Cruz-Rubio ticket, but Spengler beat him to that months ago...

Weekly Standard: Cruz and Rubio's Trumpageddon Plan

Breaking via DRUDGE and AoSHQ: Chris "Kris Kristiekreme" Christie is endorsing Donald Trump

Instapundit: Christie endorses Trump

American Power Blog: Trump gets the Christie Endorsement

Lem's Place: The Christie Endorsement and Don Surber and Trooper York says Trump Can't Be Bought (fair point on the F-35, of course tell that to the folks who went to Trump University)

Camp of the Saints: The worse angels of our nature

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