Friday, January 22, 2016

The GOPe is in a complete panic attack over Palin, Trump and Cruz

Sarah Palin signals to the GOPe

A manifesto at NRO to denounce Trump? Here is NRO's article. Trump is entitled to try to win.  How about a manifesto to denounce the GOPe like Senator Burr and others who are trashing Ted Cruz?  If you are going to take Trump on, take him on the issues and against trashing Cruz (which is what Mark Levin is doing). 

I am not in a panic over this. If Trump is meant to win, then he will win. This nomination race is far from over given no votes have even been cast yet. 

In my opinion, if you want a real conservative, Ted Cruz is it.  Maybe there should be pressure for some of these lesser GOP candidates to bow out and back Cruz. But now we are watching much of the GOPe try to destroy Ted Cruz over some pipe dream of making us want Jeb Bush or John Kasich? Do they really think that would work? Or is the GOPe goal simply to let the Democrat win (assuming Hillary survives her own festering self inflicted wounds) in order to keep Cruz from winning? I am with Glenn Reynolds on this, I would greatly prefer Ted Cruz, but I have no problem going Trump if the choice is The Donald vs. Hillary (or Sanders, Biden, etc.).  I would also choose Trump (without hesitation) over Jeb or Kasich. 

The GOPe have also chosen their destructor

David French: Jihad against Ted
Mark Steyn: The World They Made
Conor Friedersdorf: Palin breaks with the Neocons

Wombat: American Thinker: Is Trump a McConnell Rove establishment tool?  And Dana Loesch goes on the defense for Ted Cruz and Mark Levin

American Power: Ted and Trump in Iowa, NRO disinvited from GOP Debate, and Rich Lowry on Kelly File talking up NR's 'Against Trump' editorial

National Review has completely lost its mind with this suggestion!


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  2. If Trump is meant to win, then he will win. This nomination race is far from over given no votes have even been cast yet.

    God Bless You.

    If you're for Cruz, and I believe you are, that's one of the first words I've heard that's at all tolerant of another point of view.

    Not picking a fight here, but most Cruzzers (since the Cruz people have so many names for the Trump guys - cult, Trumper, Trumpster, Trumpette, rube, idiot; I thought a little rib from the other side wouldn't hurt; how dast I?) seem to be ready to go to war if you even disagree with, let alone support anyone other than, The One True Ted, it's nice to find someone who can take this whole thing in stride.

    If Cruz or Trump or Carson or Fiorina or Rand is the nominee, I will vote for them. It's a long road to June and nobody knows where it's going.

    1. I like Cruz, but I don't think most Cruz people are overtly hostile to Trump. Maybe I am missing something. Jeb puts me to sleep. I only get a visceral negative reaction to Kasich.

      I do not see the point of losing potential allies for the later fight against Hillary...or as it may turn out Biden (the dems will not let Sanders run unopposed). But the GOPe attacks, first on Trump and now Cruz are what offend me.

    2. I haven't seen the hostile Cruz people. Then again, people who get caught up in politics and feel very beholden to any politician tend to become passionate and then jerks.

      I like Cruz, but I haven't spoke much about it, because usually any mention of him as a preference is usually met with comments about how he doesn't get along with people. Everybody I know that has personal experience with Cruz says he's a nice guy, but he sticks to his principle. I'm not as principled as he, and certainly not as socially conservative as he can be (or Sarah Palin claims to be).

      I simply want someone who will look at this nation's debt and deficit, and then make a credible effort to turn it around. I do feel Bush initially got derailed by 9-11. I agreed with what had to be done in Afghanistan and Iraq. But his spending didn't stop there. McCain was only better than Obama. Romney might have done a good job, but for all the talk of most electable conservative, Romney could barely rally a united base.

      Huckabee and Kasich were always a no go for me. I wanted Fiorina and Carson to do well, because I really believe the GOP is truly more diverse, and both of them I think care about what matters most to me (the mounting debt and deficit). Santorum, Pataki, Christi, and others were never realistic options to win.

      I could vote for Rubio. But if the idea of not voting for Trump is because he can't be trusted; I'm not sure what there is about Rubio there is to trust. He's tried to talkback his views on amnesty, but its obvious he's for it. I'm not completely against it (some of the schemes without it create it a second class citizenship, but I'm against amnesty being he first thing to discuss). Rubio's stance on campus rape claims and due process is simply unacceptable.

      I have no tolerance for another Bush or Clinton. Call it unfair or whatever, I don't care. There are plenty of families in the United States. We can produce a President that's not named Clinton or Bush. I would have taken Jeb before George, but that wasn't the family pecking order.

      But if at the end... if the issue is, we must vote for someone electable... Then Trump has all the classic traits: name recognition, generally positive opinion, a populist message, a love of country, proven successes, and a sense of leadership. He can win an election, especially if he is treated by the GOP the same as McCain and Romney. Compared to Hillary or Bernie, Donald Trump is more conservative. Supposedly that's all the GOPe cares about these days.

  3. Sing it, Evil! I prefer Cruz, but Trump ain't the friggin' anti-Christ. Let's hope this GOPe effort only hastens the destruction of the establishment that everyone keeps telling us doesn't exist.

    1. I thank Trump for showing how to take on and defeat Hillary. He single handily, with just some comments to the media, managed to turn Bill Clinton into a liability and erode Hillary's support with single millennial women. That is Y-U-G-E.

      I know Trump is not a conservative (he is a populist) so if you expect anything remotely conservative he will break your heart. But I am glad Trump is in the race since it is driving both the establishment GOP and Democrats completely bat shit nuts.


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