Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Twelve Days of Sinatra! Countdown to the Big Day!

We are almost to Frank's 100th Birthday.  Let's count down the 12 days of Sinatra. 

Tina, Frank, and Nancy

Candy Cane Nancy

Mark Steyn has Sony Bono’s Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) at #88.
Pundette continues her top 10 with Riddle’s arrangement of Porter’s I Get A Kick Out Of You at #8.
Bob Belvedere is counting down Sinatra albums with Jenkin’s Wonderfully Depressing No One Cares at #2. 
I have Rosemary Clooney and Sinatra.

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  1. Of all the new songs on that album, only "Wouldn't Trade Christmas" ever got any air play.

    And you still hear it every now and again. It's very early 60s in its feel, but the album is late 60s.


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