Saturday, November 21, 2015

President Obama and the Left have not quite grasped there is a fundamental difference between fundamental Islam and Christianity...

Hmmm: What Separates These Two Religions?

Smitty: Quotable JonahWhy does the Left insist Islamic Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam?
Mark Steyn: It is always enlightening to hear from noted Koranic scholars Bono and John Kerry
Regular Right Guy: Hey, lets not forget Whoopi Goldberg and The View's History Scholars!
Camp of the Saints: Obama's Talk To The Hand, And The Pen, and the Phone
American Power Blog: Which religious group was acting up in Mali?
DaTechGuy: The clock's ticking on Moderate Muslims in USA

Lem's Place: A majority of Americans feel like strangers in their own country

Instapundit: Worst. President. Ever., Obama ISIS FailObama and at the refugee crisis, How Liberals Cause ISIS Terror Attacks, Ideology as Comfy Slippers

Mark Steyn: Thanks for that clarification President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry: Terrorism is caused by everything but Islam

Rush Limbaugh: This mess was brought to you by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Obama Hypocrisy: He shut down the Iraqi refugee program and religion was always a part of it, Obama won't hit ISIS oil tankers (he saving his ammo for shooting at Keystone)
13% of Syrian Refugees are ISIS Sympathizers

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