Saturday, November 7, 2015

One of Angie Dickinson's Favorite Sinatra Songs: Lean Baby

I heard Angie Dickinson describing how much she loved Sinatra's rendition of this Billy May song on Siriusly Sinatra...

How can I not post it?

Angie Dickinson and Dean Martin

Lee Marvin with Angie!

Sammy Davis Jr. and Angie

Mark Steyn's Song of the Century #81 is Quiet Night of Quiet Stars and #80 is The Girl from Ipanema, for Halloween #79 is Me and My Shadow, #78 is Moon Love, at #77 is Strangers In The Night and at #76 is the Gordon Jenkins arranged This Is All I Ask.  Given number #81 and #80 are Brazilian, let's not forget the Coffee Song back at #42.

Pundette has From This Moment On at #17, At Long Last Love at #18, The Nearness of You at #19, Come Fly With Me at #20 and After You've Gone at #64

Bob Belvedere is counting down Sinatra albums with Swing Easy at #5 (which did not have Lean Baby as one of its tracks, it came out on the 1962 album Point of No Return)

I had VanHeusen and Burke's Here's That Rainy DaySinatra Lord's Prayer/Ave Maria post, Berlin's When I Lost You, Arlen and Capote's Don't Like Goodbyes, and Gaudio and Holmes' For A While. And I had a collection of Halloween Inspired Sinatra Songs.  And I had Frank, Dean, Bing and Mitzi on TV.  

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Rule 5 and FMJRA

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  1. The sultry Angie Dickinson leads this way back meta blog post. With a Ellen Rometsch, the JFK spy chick, passing science and other secret data onto the loyal readers of this blog.


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