Saturday, October 24, 2015

#SinatraCentury Halloween: Frank Sinatra: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, That Old Black Magic, and Witchcraft

Rodgers and Hart did this song for Pal Joey

Arlen and Mercer did this song originally for Glenn Miller in 1942:

Cy Coleman's Witchcraft was recorded by Sinatra in 1957:

I picked out these tunes on my own early in this Sinatra celebratory year and well in advance of Halloween, but then I discovered Mark Steyn had previous picked out spooky tunes back in 2011! And not too long ago Mark noted how he likes those Cy Coleman songs!

Mark Steyn's Song of the Century at #77 is Strangers In The Night and at #76 is the Gordon Jenkins arranged This Is All I Ask.

Pundette has Come Fly With Me at #20 and After You've Gone at #64

Bob Belvedere has the album Where Are You? for #7 and an interview with Chuck Granata

I had Berlin's When I Lost You, Arlen and Capote's Don't Like Goodbyes, and Gaudio and Holmes' For A While.

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Mark Steyn has Frank and Sammy with Me and My Shadow

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