Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fatal shooting spree at Oregon college

TOM: 10  13 9 killed at Oregon Community College and shooter identified
My condolences to the victims.  This is horrible.

CNN is reporting the shooter in custody (update: appears the shooter is dead)

Instapundit: Another msss shooting in a gun free zone: People don't stop killers, people with guns do... And Glenn is right, this will be used as a distraction so as not discuss issues damaging to Hillary and Obama. Barack Obama shows his true motivation, and reveals his true character.  But turns out the shooter is not a member of the Tea Party (this story may die sooner than later). "You are going to see God" This complicates the narrative for Obama and the Left.

Instapundit notes Remember the Clakamas Mall shooting that was quickly stopped by a CCP holder?

If true, did any of these other posters attempt to alert authorities?

DaTechGuy: Killers do not respect "gun free" zones
Legal Insurrection: Obama does what Obama does
Regular Right Guy: Obama Gun Rush

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