Thursday, September 24, 2015

Was Ahmed Mohammed's "Clock" A Media Hoax and what about #AliMohammedAlNimr?

Instapundit: Ahmed's Clock, Ahmed didn't build a clock, Ahmed's sister involved in fake bomb threats? , did Obama bumble into a issue he probably should have stayed out of?, challenging the story's foundations, and when Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher think this thing was suspicious...

Bill Maher is absolutely right.  Jorge Ramos is such a hypocritical lying sack of...

Wombat 09/24/2015: American Power Blog (and I agree this is depressing)

As for our President, this response to him is just about perfect:

Rush Limbaugh: It looks like a bomb
Wombat: Fiction
Instapundit: No White House visit for this loser!
Smitty: Darleen: Friday Fiction

Bill Maher (to his credit) is tearing this story apart (kinda like Ahmed tearing apart the clock)


  1. Of course it was.

    Daddy read Uncle Saul's book.

  2. One of the best "self promotion" examples I have ever seen


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