Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The GOP Establishment could potentially block Obama's Disastrous Iran Debacle, but probably won't...

I suspect something will be pulled out of somewhere, but it won't be from Bob's hat...

Andrew McCarthy lays out how the GOP could do it, but Corker, McConnell and Boehner (probably) wanted this disastrous outcome from the start.  If you see no action from the GOP leadership, that should answer the question definitively

Breitbart: Trump: Israel will not survive Iran Nuclear Deal
AoSHQ: GOP Failure Theater: Boehner, McConnell and Corker, Three Little Maids From School
Instapundit: GOP Fail
Rush Limbaugh: Cruz Strategy 


  1. It's not a treaty. Obama is doing it by presidential decree, so there isn't much that Congress can do at this point, even if the vote was 100% against the deal. What we are seeing now is theater.

    1. Read the whole thing from McCarthy. Actually they have a chance of stopping it, but they really have to want to stop it. They could sue to prevent Obama from lifting the sanctions. If sanctions are not lifted, Iran will back out (all Iran wants is the billions released and the sanctions lifted so they can fund their nuclear program). They may very well get a judge who backs Obama (imagine that) but it would be nice if the GOP at least tried to fight back.

      And it should have been treated as a treaty from the beginning. Of course Corker and McConnell fell over themselves to help Obama out of that issue.

  2. House Conservatives seem to have nailed Boehner with the Choom Gang's tactics.

    Looks like there will be qa couple of votes that could stop this thing dead.

    Stay tuned.


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