Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Is Camp of The Saints actually happening in Europe?

Bob Belvedere, my friend and proprietor of the great blog Dispatches From The Camp Of The Saints asks that rhetorical question.  

With the overwhelming number of "refugees" young male migrants (about 75%), almost half of them not even from Syria (but surrounding countries), and ISIS bragging that it has infiltrated thousands of fighters into Europe, that question really answers itself.  

Mark Steyn: Taking It and Drawing Down

EBL: Is This Poster Racist?

Maetenloch/AoSHQ: A lot of links on this crisis

Who do they think they are, Barack Obama?
Syrian refugees taking a selfie?

 Migrant Profile: Fit and Overwhelmingly Male

All aboard the train in Budapest, next stop welfare benefits in Germany and Sweden!

Instapundit: Where have the Arab Gulf States been in all of this?, Muslim soldiers slaughtering Christian Soliders in Egypt,  Thomas Sowell notes Obama created this refugee crisis Obama's Massive Syria Fail, Obama voided the Corker law on Iran, five questions about that drowned Syrian boy, and is the West dead yet?, and the Illusions of the Elites, Part I and Part II and you can't have both open borders and a welfare state, and why the left does not care about Islam

Iran's Supreme Leader: Israel won't survive the next 25 years (then again, neither will Europe the way things are going)

Flood gates are open, second wave coming...

It is not like you weren't told: Gimli the dwarf is in hot water with Muslim advocacy groups in Wales for refusing to play Dhimmi the dwarf.

Corker is ready to do a trick on Syria (what could go wrong)

Lem's Levity/Trooper York: Where have you gone Charles Martel, a lonely nation turns its eyes to you...

Bob Belvedere: Camp of the Saints Novel Popes and Reverends

Sadly his fears are well founded: Jean Raspail, author of The Camp of the Saints, fears for European Civilization

TOM: Everyone is 'shocked, shocked' that Obama falsified ISIS intelligence...
AmPowBlog: VDH's Is The West Dead Yet?
AoSHQ: Obama: To remember 9/11 we should bring in as many as 100,000 Syrian refugees

Instapundit: A tale of two civilizations


  1. That's clearly what it looks like. I'd suggest that Mexico take some, but without a wall...well, you know.


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