Monday, September 21, 2015

John Lennon mocking disabled people...

Okay, so John Lennon was an asshole (at least on that occasion). Actually Lennon was an asshole on many occasions. Many performers and celebrities are, but Lennon was particularly a douchebag. I never quite understood why people thought Lennon was some living saint. 

I would not bother posting this, except that the left is particularly hypocritical over things like this, and John Lennon was always a darling of the left.

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  1. I don't see what the big deal is. Lennon probably didn't know anyone personally who resembled what he was mocking. We're all insensitive toward something. Is this guy an asshole for doing what he does?

    1. That one incident (alone) would not be a big deal, but Lennon had a history of being an asshole. Lennon is sometimes venerated as if he were a saint and he was far from that.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, but Pablo Picasso was never called an ...

  3. Somewhat in his defense, Lennon grew up fatherless, raised by his aunt, because his mother was also a half-baked loon, who died in a traffic accident he witnessed.
    He did work through a lot of his bitter shit and finally gained (in retrospect) late-life maturity, turning his back (and also that razor wit) on the whole sixties counterculture goofiness. Those Playboy interviews he gave during his comeback are revealing, and have been frustrating to old hippies.

    1. I am forgiving of people in the public eye over embarrassing things because all of us would fail that test (we all do embarrassing thing). The big exception are those individuals who keep doing embarrassing things (such as Alec Baldwin), because that shows what their character really is all about. Lennon was not (as far as I know) evil, but he did have a cruel streak (especially to his son) and that is a serious character flaw.


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