Monday, September 21, 2015

A Little Damascus Coming Soon To You...what could go wrong?

John Kerry: US will accept 85,000 refugees this year and 100,000 next year! And that is a deceiving number: The US actually (currently) takes in more than 250,000 Muslims a year.

Hey, they are pretty open what their real motivation is. Here's a recent sermon from the Al Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site of Islam):

Trouble brewing in Munich? The refugees want more than beer...

Meanwhile we are distracted over some kid with his "clock" and Team Obama are all over that to denounce (faux) racism.  It was not racism, it was utter stupidity of the school officials to arrest him like similar "zero tolerance" stupidity we have seen recently.  And while I understand that Ahmed's dad, CAIR, and Team Obama are wrongfully exploiting this (and it is possible this was a set up from the get), rather than get distracted over that without proof of it, we need to focus our attention at the real risk (which is this invasion going on from Syria and the middle east).  

EBL: How Obama (and Hillary) Lost Syria, Just Say No To More Muslim Immigration, Mending Wall, and Never Forget The Lessons of the Past

Legal Insurection: Get Ready

Instapundit: What if ISIS took over Paris, No blood for oil?, Camp of the Saints was just a novel?, Bill Maher defends the arrest of Ahmed Mohammed, get lost creepswhy can't Ben Carson say this given the left is freaking out that Donald Trump won't say Obama is not a Muslim? and forget it Jake, it's Afghanistan,

Camp of the Saints: The Brotherhood of Man I was flipping channels this morning and noticed NPR is hosted a story on an abused Syrian man at the hands of Assad (who ended up being relocated to the USA). He had his kidney stolen, was raped, and his six year old was traumatized. While I certainly can sympathize with the plight of these individuals, the suggestion that this justifies bringing in hundreds of thousands of Syrians permanently into the USA (because that is exactly what they are promoting) is wrong. We can help Syrians there, we are not obligated either morally or in our own self interest, to bring them here.

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TOM: Europe imports rape culture
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  1. These aren't refugees.

    They're imported Democrat welfare voters.

    Send 'em back.


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