Saturday, September 12, 2015

Film Ladd's 11 Lessons of War

Lesson 1: Every war is an existential war.

Lesson 2: Declare a war if you're going to fight a war.

Lesson 3: No nation wins wars when its military is at war and its civilian population is at peace.

Lesson 4: When declaring war, name the enemy.

Lesson 5: Wars are only truly won when the philosophy that started the war (and all those who cling to it), is eradicated from the planet.

Lesson 6: The only humane way to wage war is to be as overwhelmingly brutal and deadly as possible, to secure capitulation from the enemy.

Lesson 7: In war, there is such a thing as treason.

Lesson 8: Declaration of victory for political purposes does not equal true victory, nor does declaring an end to a war equal an ending.

Lesson 9: Borders do not contain a determined enemy.

Lesson 10: Failure to respond to an enemy's war against you does not mean you are at peace.

Lesson 11: Paying tribute to a sworn enemy only emboldens the enemy - whether that tribute be currency, aid, or sympathy.

h/t Bob Belvedere and I agree with this statement too
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  1. 1, 2, and 5 are the stuff of movies and sorehead Conservatives. In WWI and II, the Krauts and the Limeys practiced 11 all the time.

    The opposite of the rest are the policy of the Democrat Party.


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