Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Club for Growth plans a negative advertising campaign against Donald Trump...

Rush Limbaugh: The Establishment hears you, but they just don't care, They are getting the girl to do their fighting for them? (well she certainly has more...than Boehner and McConnell combined), and the media is all confused

EBL: Are you Trump Curious?

Instapundit: Trump Could Win? and Gonads for Sale (these two above could each use a set)


  1. Compared to me Trump is very liberal. Compared to BHO, Trump has the same egotistical bent common to narcissists. Compared to the 2008 BHO "lies" campaign, Trump's is exactly the same. All we are missing are the swooning women. Perhaps EBL would like to fill that role?

    1. How about Ann Coulter in the swooning role?

    2. I never considered Trump a conservative (and don't now). Trump's appeal is as the anti Establishment Republican. While that is unknown territory, this is what you get when the party's so called leadership have dissed the base for 30 years...


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