Monday, August 10, 2015

The Vilification of Chuck Schumer: Does Obama have the votes for the Iran Deal?

Failure Theater or something more? Obama leaked Schumer's Opposition?

White House keeps claiming it has the votes, so why the WH attacks on Schumer and Jews (other than perhaps they actually believe the vile things they are saying or Schumer is quietly telling Democrat senators to stay on board for Obama)?  Harsanyi says don't be fooled by what is going on. Jeff Dunetz advises the same. But Ron Radosh makes the point, why not just vote now and not telegraph his intent so early (which only encourages more Democrats to jump ship)

Of course Obama's deal or war rhetoric is false. The deal actually increases the danger of war and the status quo is better than this deal.  

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  1. Seems to me, if this was all a show, you wouldn't see the Choom Gang going after Chuckie this way.

    I'd say things are falling apart and ValJar feels it's necessary to make an example of the Chuck. I also think that, since the Choom Gang is gone in 16 moths and the Demos in Congress won't be (Allah be merciful), a lot of those Demos are looking to keep the home folks friendly.



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