Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Palinization of Trump

The GOP has bigger problems than Donald Trump: Steyn, Ace, Trooper York, Instapundit

Instapundit/Ed Driscoll is praising Fox News. While I agree the media enables Trump, it is ultimately out to destroy him (and hopefully other GOP hopes).  Fox News is not generally hostile to the GOP (but it does lean establishment).  I agree with RRG, I would prefer the debate was more about the candidates and less about Fox News. The other network and cable media are definitely hostile to GOP in general and should be treated as such.  A lot of people I admire are not fans of Trump. I want to see both Trump and the other candidates use Trump's bombastic style (and ratings) to their advantage.  You do not have to agree with every outrageous thing Trump says, but turn every attack on Trump to an attack on the Clintons, Obama (why aren't all the GOP candidates hammering Obama over the Iran Deal) and the Democrats (yeah Donna Brazil tell us how to enable sexist politicians).

As Mark Steyn notes, let's not forget Bill De Blasio's New York!

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  1. What's got to be driving them nuts is, the more they go after the guy, the more people like him.

    They really don't get it.

    I think people will be over The Donald in another few months, You're already starting to see how it's going to happen.

    For right now, he's doing a lot of good.

  2. Trump is doing the Republicans no good ... he can't even make sense when he expounds (3rd party bit about not running 3rd party IF he is the nominee...huh...duh..., bleeding remark about women whom he "cherishes" like you might some jewelry or a pet, gibberish about making Mexico build a wall without saying how, etc. etc....and yeah I know he'd likely use executive power to try that, but I've had entirely enough of "executive orders" over the past 14.5 years). Trump is a distraction, perhaps even a stalking horse...he is surely no conservative, socially or financially, so what is he doing?

    1. If other candidates are smart and play off the frustration that Trump is currently channeling, they can benefit from it. Trump is a symptom, not the disease.

  3. I do agree the Republicans have serious problems other than Trump, but he's getting the ink and broadcast today. In Congress the Republicans can't get it together and THAT is their biggest weakness.

  4. Kelley didn't have the guts to engage Trump on the important issues that are facing our nation. If she asks him about; the Iran deal, immigration, national debt then let him rise or fall on the issues. It was supposed to be a debate Kelley didn't ask a debate question. Megan came off as a mean spirited hag.

  5. William McCain first, Kelly wasn't a candidate on stage. Trump was. Her question, to all candidates, was germane to repeated comments he has made vis a vis potential 3rd party run if people are not "fair" to him. Waaaagh. Don't have to "like" Kelly to dislike Trump. When he, if ever, he gives substantive details to his bombast I might change my mind. He offer none of those to any of the moderators when responding. He's talked about building a wall between Mexico and the USA by making Mexico pay for it. Really? Details please.

  6. Follow on remark vis a vis Trump: He's loud and proud, and if he manages the nomination and even the Presidency he will be eaten alive by the bloated bureaucracy in DC like a tasty grilled ham & cheese sandwich. He really has no is NOT slightly similar to negotiating a business deal as he thinks, apparently, it is and is thus over confident. My years with DOD & DA taught me well...fight the bureaucrats they will get you usually sooner, but sometimes later when you least expect it. You can't buy, even with Trump money, the bureaucrats because there are multiple entities with far far more money than you....e.g., he'd be a mouse in the trap box and not know it until the door slammed shut.


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