Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New undercover Planned Parenthood video: 20 week old fetuses treated as a line item

For purposes of comparison and scale for what Planned Parenthood is up to and describing:
This is a 19 week old baby boy that was born prematurely (alive) and then died

Rush Limbaugh: Fifth Planned Parenthood Video Released (and it just gets worse)

Wombat: Gateway Pundit: Mitch McConnell helps Democrats defeat defunding bill for Planned Parenthood, Michelle Malkin: Democrats recycle Planned Parenthood's mammogram lie, Twitchy: PP discuss selling whole baby bodies
Hot Air: McConnell Surrenders
Darleen Click: Liberals don't consider aborting a baby the same as killing a human being

Instapundit: Humaneness but not for the Human, the judge who blocked release of abortion sting video, and Richard Fernandez: why these videos are so dangerous to pro abortion proponents (they bring the truth home that most of them ignored or pretended was not true) and Kirsten Powers: Democrats are on the wrong side of history and it's a baby

The Anchoress: The horror of Planned Parenthood is an invitation to absolute beauty and healing
Mark Steyn: Unnatural Selection and Bakin' Baby Syndrome
TOM: The Science is Settled, It's A Baby
Lem's Place: Line Items and Obama condemns killing to harvest body parts
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  1. If we lived in a decent country, the offices of planned parenthood would have been raided by now, and the media would be talking about why we shouldn't bring drawing and quartering because we aren't as barbaric as the doctors of planned parenthood.


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