Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GOP Establishment Fail: Thanks to Corker and McConnell, Obama disastrous Iran nuke deal looks like it will pass

Instapundit: Audacity of ObamaWill Kerry do this?, Americans oppose Iran deal 2:1, Left wing called out to support Iran nuke pact, and VDH sees history repeatingUS takes Palestinian side over U.S. CitizensIt's a lousy deal (but it is going to pass anyway),  how Obama runs foreign policy, and Obama's lowest moment yet

Bob Corker and Mitch McConnell did this intentionally. The alternative answer is they are so stupid that they did not realize what they were doing? This effect was reported before their deal went through. They figured Iran was likely to get nuclear weapons anyway, so let Obama try to negotiate a block and when it fails blame him.

Legal Insurrection: Iran declares USA has already material breached agreement [really?], Netanyahu pleas for sanity and someone is getting screwed (hint it is not Iran)
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