Friday, August 7, 2015

Megyn Kelly looks adorable when she is indignant Rule 5 Post GOP Debate

Donald Trump dominated the Drudge Report post debate poll,
it may be a reader poll, but there are a lot of Drudge readers

I agree with William Jacobson, some of the questioning (especially Megan's) was inappropriate. I thought Trump could have turned that question about women around by telling Megyn how Trump businesses are a meritocracy where women are always treated equally (Trump has a number of women in high power positions in his organization and his daughter's management is interesting too).   But Trump is right about political correctness.  

Rush Limbaugh's pre debate predictions were spot on: Psych Ops against Trump and Teachable Moment via Jeb, misjudging Trump, Trumpsters fired up, and no coincidences with the Trump Clinton call

At bit presumptuous (and probably wishful thinking by Pfeiffer about Jeb being the nominee) but I can't disagree this Pfeiffer comment:
“Jeb may be the nominee, but he is one of the most boring and least compelling politicians I have seen. Hard to see him firing up the base,” tweeted Dan Pfeiffer, President Obama’s former adviser.

Michael Barone: Best. Debate. Ever. 

I am not sure it was the best ever, but Barone makes some good observations. 

I did not (however) drunk blog the debate and neither did Vodka Pundit!

She is getting mad!

Update: Was FoxNews out for Trump's toupee? This whole twitter war thing is sort of amusing (if you step back from it a bit). It is pretty obvious how to get a reaction out of Trump. Instapundit/Elizabeth Price Foley: Some of FoxNews' questions did seem more about the moderators and less about fairly engaging the candidates

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  1. Consensus is Murdoch gave the order to get The Donald.

    Doesn't seem to have worked.

  2. Trump is a joke. The MSM isn't covering him seriously, probably in hopes that his populist BS will get him the nomination, or close enough that his ego demands he do the third party thing. If he got the nomination, then expect the MSM to rake him over the coals. Same treatment McCain got. If he does the third party thing, expect the MSM to continue to cover him exactly like they have been--with enough criticism to fan the flames, get him to spew rhetoric that the low-information voters want to hear, and boost his popularity. He'll steal far more votes from the Republicans than Democrats as a third party candidate, thus doing the MSM's job for them. He's a disaster all around.

    1. I would not be so sure about that. Yes Trump (if he ran 3rd party) would take GOP votes but he would also take a sizable chuck of Democrat votes and would tend to be a lightening rod for any #WarOnWomen attacks (which would benefit the GOP candidate). But since whether that happens or not is really out of my control, I am not taking it that seriously as a threat right now. I am not a big Trump fan, but he has managed to get a lot more attention focused on the GOP candidates...isn't that good in a way?

  3. I don't think the Trump distraction has been a good thing at all. I haven't run across anyone who has compared Trump to other candidates and ended up with a more favorable opinion of the other candidate. All I've heard is how awful Trump is and how fitting he is surging in the polls, because the GOP is a bunch of hicks. I agree he would take some Dem votes, especially after ripping FOX, which will endear him to the lefties. If he's nothing else, he's a brilliant populist agitator. I think he would steal more GOP votes, though.

    FWIW, I'm backing Gary Johnson. I seriously doubt I'll pull the lever for a Republican Presidential candidate again, and I never have for a Democrat for President. I might for Walker or Jindal, maybe Paul or Cruz, but I'm hesitant to elevate a legislator to the executive chair. A governor or CEO is better suited. Legislators know how to do two things: attend meetings and call news conferences.

    1. I disagree with you about Trump impact now, but he is definitely a populist agitator.

      Gary Johnson? Then this is all Kabuki theater for you, sit back and enjoy.


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