Friday, August 7, 2015

@RealJamesWoods sums up Carly Fiorina's pitch perfect response about Hillary Clinton to Chris Matthews

Darleen Click: Carly Fiorina confuses Chris Matthews and stalking horse

AmPowBlog: Carly Fiorina dominates searches after debate

Instapundit: Crowder interviews Fiorina, Democrat sexist tweets about Fiorina, Roger Simon: Carly wins debate (and the Palinization of Fiorina will start now), How to push back at Hillary and Chris Matthews, Fiorina the big winner, and I love the smell of Democrat panic in the morning

Rush Limbaugh: Thoughts on the Debate and Who Ordered The Hit on Trump?

Legal Insurrection: Fiorina breakout moment
Instapundit: Camille Paglia rates the candidates and Roger SimonWhy Trump won't run 3rd Party and who helped and who hurt and something changed
Mark Steyn: Debate Without End
Smitty: That fluid on Roger Simon's desk may have once been coffee
DaTechGuy: Don't call that a debate and Equality
Lem's Place/Trooper York: Listen Megyn Kelly!

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  1. I've said it before, but I think The Donald saw it as the cost of doing business.

    Make kissy face with the people who will be regulating and taxing you.

    And God knows, Willie loves his puss on every front page while rubbing elbows with the quality folk.

    Makes him feel like he's one of them.


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