Monday, August 17, 2015

How To Deal With The Police

These are lessons all young people should be taught. Regardless of race, you will never win an angry argument with a cop when you are detained or pulled over. So forget falling into that trap. The first thing you must do when stopped by the police is listen.

That does not mean you completely roll over and give up your rights. Just smile, be polite and be smart about it. Here is an older but still timely EBL post on the subject: How To Resist A Police Search

Chris Rock (thanks Ed Driscoll) also has some valuable advice on how avoid getting your ass kicked by the police:

Of course, as Bill Whittle, and Instapundit note, it is hard to help stupid (which knows no racial barriers BTW).  All this was predicted by Mike Judge in Idiocracy. It's here already!


  1. I've sent that video to countless people over the years. I still laugh when I see it.

  2. This guy is as funny as Chris Rock. Another one I laugh at every time.


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