Monday, August 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton and her Emails: The 300

The 300 and wouldn't it be great if this is what Hillary ends up eating in her living hell
(my apologies to Leonidas and the brave 300)

Instapundit: Pardon Hillary Now, Former spy on Hillary's emails, Democrat Republican age gap, War On Women Agitprop, Hillary's hard left and social security, Clinton crashing poll numbers, Clinton not capable of being president, Hillary is not the only one who should be facing charges, Woodward compared it to Watergate (on MSNBC), CNN sucks up to Hillary, and Hillary's shaky defenses

Rush Limbaugh: Dems fear that Hillary is about to drag them under and it just keeps getting worse
AoSHQ: 305 and growing (and these are just the ones she has released so far)
Legal Insurrection: A backup server would be very bad news for Hillary
Regular Right Guy
Hot Air: Barack Obama is signaling to a whole bunch of people...

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