Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Could Go Wrong? Iranian Nuke Deal To Be Announced...

Power line: Beyond Appeasement
NY Post: Nuclear Deal Announced In Iran
Instapundit: An absolute disasterunderstanding tyranny and terror, and duck and cover
Legal Insurrection: Obama gets his bad deal
Instapundit/Roger Simon: Say goodbye to Western Civilization
Protein Wisdom/Darleen Click
Bob Belvedere: Pretend time should be over by now
Regular Right Guy: Peace In Our Time
AoSHQ: Obama is the handmaiden of Iran's bomb
Rush Limbaugh: It's all about legacy and Obama delivers victory to Iran
Instapundit/Elizabeth Price Foley: Israel is not celebrating and neither should we
Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Peace In Our Time
Helms Deep: Obama just midwifed the Iranian bomb
Mark Steyn: Far Worse Than Munich and Serious Times, Unserious People

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  1. Bet you anything the agreement says nothing about those guys.


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