Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jonah Goldberg: How I stopped worrying and learned to love The Donald

I am not getting too freaked out about The Donald (a/k/a "The Short Fingered Vulgarian"). Trump responded to Goldberg by claiming he could not buy pants (?), a retort so crazy it's funny (and drove more media attention). 

Of course Trump could be a spoiler, but that is only if there is a vacuum for Trump to fill. This is an opportunity for smart Republican candidates to take advantage of this and an opportunity to repair divisions within our own base. Because if WHINOs will take out the GOP this election cycle, we have bigger issues to deal with. 

Camp of the Saints: Trump, Howard Beale, the 'Pragmatists,' and the Remnant (I do not see it quite as dramatic as Bob does, I see sad decline and decadence, followed by fragmentation), should Kevin Williamson be writing for Politico by Director Blue (I linked Kevin above, but was also disappointed with his Rubinesque tirade), and Why the American Church Should Go Off The Grid

Instapundit: Socialism starts with gauzy promises and ends with grim realities, Carly Florin gets what's going on, Trump freaks out the left (that alone makes me want him to stay in for a while), why is Bernie Sanders a supposed "Socialist Independent" running as a Democrat, The Donald and Bernie Show, some Bernie Hypocrisy on Martha's Vineyard, Carly Florina on Donald Trump, and Revenge of the Lost Boys

Instapundit: The Donald and Bernie ShowMickey Kaus notices a wedge issue with black voters, if Republicans were smart enough to focus on it, and new rules, time for the right to catch up
Legal Insurrection: Republicans need to look in the mirror, not at Donald Trump (voters are furious over illegal immigration)
RRG: San Francisco's Sheriff

Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Roger Simon is going where Jonah Goldberg has been for a while...


  1. I like Trump. I like that he is giving Dems fits. But I won't give as much as a dime to Trump.

    1. I like that Trump is shaking up the Establishment GOP (in addition to the Democrats) and the focus on the illegal immigration issue is something the GOP has to take on. But yeah, giving a guy with nine billion dollars money for a vanity race is crazy.

  2. For now, he's useful.

    If it weren't for him, the media would be asking every Conservative if they support the Confederate flag and how long they've been a racist.


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